Template Application and Sample Application

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Template Application and Sample Application

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Updated October 2016

Application for [NATION NAME] to join the Alliance of Independent Nations
National Flag

National Coat of Arms

See http://forums.aoinations.com/viewtopic. ... 2735#p2735 for the latest copy of the AIN World Map, which you are advised to use in your application. Please make sure to not overlap any existing territories, and refrain from taking over entire countries.

National Fact:

Nation Name (Longest Official Form): (The longest official name of your country)
Nation Name (Native Form): (The local name of the country)
National Anthem: (Name of or a youtube / soundcloud / alternative link)
National Motto: (Motto of your government)

Offical Language(s):
Ethnic groups:
Head(s) of State:
Population Density:
Area: (please work out the area of your country, it is needed for wiki data)
GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): Must comply with this legislation regarding a cap on GDP per capita for realism.
Time zone:
Date formats:
Drives on the:
Simlympic code:
Internet TLD:
Calling code:

Major Natural Resources: (eg: copper, aluminium, iron ore) Note: Many countries will lack these resources. It is not a bad thing to not have vast resources.
Major Import/Export Partners: (eg: EU, USA, China)
Main Industries: (eg: agriculture, financial services, mining)

History: [A detailed and realistic history of your nation]


[INSERT ANYTHING ELSE YOU FEEL IS RELEVANT] (If you have a membership in another union, this is a good place to mention which union you currently belong to.)
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Sample Application | Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland

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***Sample Application***

Application for Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland to join the Alliance of Independent Nations


Coat of Arms:


Detailed map: (map does not need to be this detailed, one that just supplies general subdivisions (provinces, states, etc), capitals, largest cities etc will be more than helpful!)
Nation Name (Longest Official Form):The United Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland, Rua Whenua and New Caledonia
Nation Name (Native Form): New Duveland
National Anthem: Our Home https://us.audionetwork.com/browse/m/tr ... scape_7819
National Motto: Peace and Prosperity

Capital: Macquarie
Largest City: Tasbury
Government: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Offical Language(s): English, French, Maori
Ethnic groups: European (62.2%), Maori (25.1%), Asian(6.1%), Pacific Islanders(5.9%), Other (0.7%)
Demonym: New Duvelander
Head(s) of State:
- Monarch: Elizabeth II
- Governor-General: Bryce Kylson
- Prime Minister: Randy Horne
Population: 18,505,392
Population Density: 24.05/km2
Area: 769,279 km2
Climate(s): Temperate, Subtropical, Tropical, Equatorial
GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): $804.441 billion ($44,427)
HDI: .937
Currency: New Duveland Dollar
Time zone: NDST UTC+11, NDDT UTC+12 (Summer DST)
Date formats: dd-mm-yyyy, AD
Drives on the: Left
Simlympic code: NDL
Internet TLD: .nd, .nc
Calling code: +67

Major Natural Resources: Coal, Natural Gas, Timber, Oil
Major Import/Export Partners: United States, China, Australia, Neu Westfalen, Illium, Jarraban, Torainn, New Zealand
Main Industries: Financial services, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture

1600 BCE - 500 BCE - Melanesians first settled what is now the New Caledonia province
1450 - First Polynesians (Maori) settle in mainland New Duveland
1642 - Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovers the islands, naming them after Duiveland in the Zeeland province of the Netherlands
1788 - French explorer Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse claims explores what is now Lapérouse for France, but is never seen from again.
1790 - First official settlements begin, the first being in Macquarie
1792 - French begin settlements in Lapérouse, establishing the French New Duveland colony
1804 - Irish settles found Leinster, the eventual capital and largest city of New Ulster
1840 - British New Duveland reaches a population of over 300,000
1850 - New Duveland classified as a different colony from New South Wales
1854 - Gold is discovered throughout the province, causing Tasbury, Leinster and Plymouth to swell with migrants
1860: - Huge influx of European migrants flood the New Duveland countryside, taking advantage of the rich volcanic soils ideal for European farming
1890 - New Duveland transforms from the Colony of New Duveland into the Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland, with the territory splitting into New Munster, New Ulster and Norfolk, Tasbury becomes the capital
1903: - French New Duveland transforms into the Realm of Lapérouse
1907: - After petitioning the government, Tasman splits off from New Munster to become it's own Province
1914 - New Duveland joins in the war in Europe alongside Australia and New Zealand, forming the ANDNZACS and are sent to Gallipoli as the first major engagement in the war by New Duveland.
1916: - New Duveland (supported by the British Navy) launched an amphibious invasion of Neu Westfalen along its western coast, but was met with fierce German resistance
1919: First wave of European refugees make it to New Duveland, increasing the growth rate of the country to 5% annually
1920: Neu Westfalen made a mandate territory under the Treaty of Versailles, and given to New Duveland
1920: Also under the Treaty of Versailles, the island of Avaiki is transferred to New Duveland, where it remains a dependent territory to this day.
1925: Neu Westfalen transitions into a democratic nation, but in free association with New Duveland
1930: Avergarge agricultural incomes dipp below zero during the great depression, many cities stagnate in growth
1932: Government programs to decrease the amount of unemployed create such works as the Rōhi Harbour Bridge in Tasbury, the first bridge to cross the Tasbury Habour, the National Freeway Network was developed, continued development of the capital's extensive tram networks and the removal of rail level-crossings in all urban areas.
1938: Neu Westfalen becomes a fully independent nation
1939: New Duveland contributes 250,000 troops to the war, mostly sent to fight in North Africa, Greece/Crete, Italy and Nue Westfalen
1940: Fearing German support in Nue Westfalen, New Duvelander troops were sent to the recently independent island to keep peace
1940: The Japanese infiltrate the Tasbury Harbour, destroying important naval vessles and even commuter ferries mistaken as the navy, using mini subs.
1943: The Japanese sink an important cruise liner in the port of Esperance, sent up from Tasbury, which had hundreds of civilian nurses on board to treat the injured civilian population that was recently bomed by the Japanese - only 5 out of 300 survived
1949 - 1979: The Great Tasman Range Dam Scheme is constructed, creating hundreds of dams and canals across the country to make New Duveland's agriculture sector three times as profitable
1951: The Southern Cross Alliance (ain world ANZUS treaty) was formed, containing the nations of the United States, Australia, New Duveland, Torainn, Jarraban and New Zealand.
1954: A new wave of European migrants arrive all over the country, starting the baby boomer generation, up until 1985, almost 4 million migrants moved to cities across New Duveland
1954: Commonwealth Games are hosted in Tasbury
1955: New Duveland ends it's favouritism of British markets, and instead opens more trade routes with the United States
1958: The Tasbury government passed the Migration Act of 1958, making it far easier for new arrivals to settle in to New Duvelander culture
1961: Huge migrations of Maori populations from rural areas to cities occurred, reducing the rural Maori population to just 15% (down from 76% in the years before the war)
1962: New Duveland sends troops to fight in Vietnam
1963: Almost all of the Realm of Lapérouse and New Duveland agree in a referendum to unify, the only holdout was New Caledonia, which had voted to instead return to French rule. The Realm of Lapérouse was then split into the provinces of Lapérouse, New Hérault, and New Caledonia. Capital city is moved from Tasbury to Macquarie, with the New Duveland Capital Territory being formed around the city, Legislation was put in place to make sure the city would become bilingual in English and French in a generation. (todays statistics prove that around 82% of the city is bilingual)
1964: New national flag adopted to represent the country's rich French history
1970: Commonwealth Games are hosted in Leinster
1972: New Duveland troops withdrawl from Vietnam
1978: The New Duveland Defence Force (NDDF) is formally organised, composed of the Royal New Duveland Navy, Royal New Duveland Air Force and the Royal New Duveland Army are formally organised.
1984: The Summer olympics are hosted in Tasbury
1990: Hosted the Commonwealth Games in Esperance
1991: New Duveland takes part in the Gulf War
1994: Lorde Howe Island massacure takes place, 14 tourists are killed. This stems the way for New Duveland's strict anti-gun laws, which have prevented any more mass shootings from occuring since legislation was passed in 1995.
1999: New Duveland troops sent to East Timor to keep order and peace
2000: Devastaing snow storms wreck havoc amoung the southern provinces, producing the highest amounts of snowfall ever recorded
2001: New Duveland sends troops to Afghanistan
2002: Margaret Forde becomes the first woman Prime Minister in New Duveland history
2003: New Duveland sends troops to Iraq
2010: Ruru Matiu became the first Maori Prime Minister of New Duveland
2011: New Duveland becomes the first country in Oceania to pass Same-Sex Marriage, leading the nation's way into one of the most LGBT friendly countries in the world
2013: New Duveland becomes a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations
2015: Catastrophic eruption of Mt Nui Ahi causes political turmoil across the country, cutting off eastern cities such as Leinster and Cascade from the rest of the country and distrupting flight paths across the southern hemisphere
2015: In a referendum New Caledonia agrees to become a province of New Duveland, New Duveland changes it's official name to "The United Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland, Rua Whenua and New Caledonia" to better represent it's new and current territory

In Game pictures: (Some images are w.i.p, but application images must be complete)
Macquarie, NDCT


Esperance, Lapérouse


The Great Esperance Drought (2005-2010) finally ended with an intense rainstorm

Tasbury, New Munster

The Tasbury Harbour, featuring the red Rōhi Harbour Bridge, opened in 1937

Coastal suburbs of Valéry, Lapérouse

Leinster's central business district, New Ulster

Old Parliament House in Tasbury
***Sample Application***
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Re: Template Application and Sample Application

Post by Charlie »

For everyone to see - I updated the sample application to better represent what is needed
This also means that New Duveland finally has an application, and not a bunch of legislation that transitioned it from Mirani :lol:
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