Application Requirements

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Application Requirements

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Application Checklist

Applications must pass all seven of these checklist points to go to vote. Fail any, and the application will be held up and cannot go to vote. If an application receives no editing after failing a checklist within 14 days then it is declined.

1: Unique and realistic flag of your nation coupled with an equally unique and realistic coat of arms.
2: Map of your nation's location that does not overlap with an existing AIN nation and is realistic to your CJ style, located on the AIN World Map
3: Realistic size, population and government of your nation that matches your CJ style
4: Realistically meets the GDP per capita limit of whatever region your country is located in, as per this legislation
5: Detail your nation's natural resources, economic stimuli, major import and export partners, and if applicable, overseas colonies in a manner that is not intrusive to other AIN members.
6: Detailed and realistic history of your country that reflects your area and its surrounds.
7: At least 5 images, displaying the style of your nation, appropriate to its location. This can be in the form of a simulated city, unique drawings or renderings, or any other custom content. Real life images may suffice so long as the remainder of the application is of high enough quality, as determined by the membership.

Membership Levels

We have one membership level in the AIN: member statehood. This means that we have a simple yes/no/abstain system for voting once you pass the checklist and an administrator favorably evaluates your behavior and attitude during the application process. After you are a member for six months, you can run for executive offices in the AIN (President, Vice President and Speaker of the Alliance). You'll be able to run for any other government office in the next election after your membership is approved.

If you are a member of any other union when you apply to the AIN, you will not have to be more active here than in your other union, unless you resign from your other union. However, if you ever want to run for executive offices, you'll have to resign from your other union first.

Membership requirements: Pass entire application checklist and an administrator's evaluation of your behavior and attitude. After a minimum of 12 ballots are cast by current members, a minimum of seven votes must be for membership for this to pass.

Rights of Member States

Member states have the right to do any and all of the following:
  1. To run for elected office (however, only member states who have been members of the AIN continuously for at least six (6) months prior to taking office may run or apply for executive office, i.e. President, Vice President, Administrator, Moderator, or Speaker of the Union).
  2. To host and participate in union events;
  3. To vote in union elections, on membership applications, on Security Council resolutions, and on parliamentary bills;
  4. To participate in roleplay events, without first seeking advice from other member states; and
  5. To maintain any number of City Journal topics in their national subforums, as well as any number of media topics in the media subforum appropriate to their country's geographical region.
  6. All rights are dependent on members being active and not affected by the Bad Tree Act or other legislation that relates to membership conditions.
Note to Reapplying Former Members

First of all, thank you for considering returning to the AIN! It's always a pleasure for us to be able to welcome a former member back. While we are happy to see you applying to come back to us, please note that we will consider your past history and behavior at the AIN in deciding whether to approve your application. This may include reviewing personal correspondence between you and current members of the Alliance. Thank you, and best of luck in your application!

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