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Presidential Office

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Presidential Decree 12/17/2020 n. 234
The following decree aims to resolve the political and health crisis currently underway in Puerto Levante.

Article 1:
Luis Fernandez, self-proclaimed governor of Puerto Levante, and responsible for numerous protests, is currently in self-exile in the Soviet Union. The aforementioned Mr. Fernandez is invited to return within the national borders in order to be subjected to the legal evaluation of the Federation.

Article 2:
The following decree authorizes the execution of an independent referendum addressed to the population of Puerto Levante with the following question: "Do you want Puerto Levante, currently a federal state of the State of Poemia, to become an Independent Republic?"
The Referendum, as a Consultative Referendum, does not require the achievement of a quorum. The date of the referendum depends on the fulfillment of articles 1 and 3.

Article 3:
The following Decree authorizes measures to contain manifestations only through non-violent methods and protecting the freedom of expression and manifestation guaranteed by articles 16 and 83 of the Poemia constitution. Although the ban on demonstrations cannot be imposed, the liberation of the infrastructures by the demonstrators and the stop of the demonstrations is a necessary condition to be able to proceed with the authorization to carry out the referendum.

Article 4:
The following article defines Luis Fernandez's state of judicial freedom. Luis Fernandez must be judged because of the following accusations: Incitement to violence, Violation of the exercise of public functions, Attack on national integrity.
Luis Fernandez's trial will be only in case of a No won at the Referendum. In case of a Yes victory, Puerto Levante will be recognized as an independent country, so Poemian government will start extradition procedures to be able to judge Luis Fernandez.

President of Federation of Poemia: Ernest Villaroa
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