2021 Announcment: Currency Change

By Namika
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2021 Announcment: Currency Change

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January 25th 2021
A Message from the Chancellor of Bavaria: Magda Protz

(Document translated to English)

"To the people of Bavaria, I want to share some exciting news with you. Bavaria will be phasing over to the euro beginning January 26th 12:01am 2020, we as a government have made this decision with the well being of all of our citizens in mind. We believe that while having our own currency is valuable on its own, it does not have the same benefits, as for us to make use of the international currency that most neighbors in Europe are using today. This decision does come with some costs. The change to this new currency requires us do be diligent in the process to change over we have allocated 76$ million (American Dollars), to our yearly budget to make this change. This change means exciting things for Bavaria, it will allow us to become a stronger trading partner for the rest of Europe, but it will also allow us to grow our economy. "

"The value of this change will benefit us as a nation greatly in the future, and it does not mean that we will lose any of our sovereignty, and that is what i want to make clear today. Additionally, I want to point out to please not rush your currency exchange, the current value of the market will become fixed at the time of this speech any ba mark's traded between January 26th 12:01 am 2020, and December 31st 11:59 pm 2020, will face the same currency trading course."

"I wish you all a pleasant evening, and hope that you look forward to Bavaria's bright future with me."

(Document End)
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