Masyani Free Hubs

By Jost van Kortag
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Masyani Free Hubs

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Masyani Free Hubs

The Masyani Free Hubs or MFHs are special economic zones offering exclusive advantages such as tax concessions and customs duty benefits to foreign investors willing to establish their businesses in Masyan. They are 17 and each of them is managed by a Free Hub Authority according to a special set of rules and regulations that changes according to the Free Hub’s specificity. Every MFH is focused around one or more industry categories and only offers licenses to companies within those categories (mostly trading, services and industries).

1) Masyan Art Gardens

The Masyan Art Gardens are a Free Hub home to several art galleries which showcase both local and international art. The Masyani Uffizi, Guggenheim and Islamic Art museums are situated within this large zone shaped as a vaste park scattered with sculptures, fountains and green areas.
The galleries showcase works by Middle Eastern and international artists, and frequently host events to present new works from different artists. Some of the galleries also act as auction houses.

2) Masyan Airport Free Hub

3) Masyan Design District

4) Masyan Healthcare City

5) Masyan International Academic City

6) Masyan Web City

7) Masyan Crystal Vessel

The Masyan Crystal Vessel is a Free Hub located in the homonym complex in Masyan. It is specialized in banking, financial services, insurance, wealth and asset management, brokerage and capital markets, professional service providers, corporate offices and retailers. The complex is located nearby the Masyani Stock Exchange, and hosts plenty of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other luxury services.

8.) Masyan Knowledge Plaza

9) Masyan Media City

10) Masyan Gold and Diamond Park

11) Masyan Multi Commodities Centre (MMCC)

12) International Media Production Hub

13) Dar-e Khalj Free Hub

14) Masyan Production City

15) Masyan Global City 

16) Masyan Studio City

17) Masyan World Trade Centre Free Hub
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