Bavaria: Ministry of Health Announcement May 10 (Bavarian Vaccine)

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Bavaria: Ministry of Health Announcement May 10 (Bavarian Vaccine)

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May 10th 2021
A Message from The Government of Bavaria: Johanas Krinzer (Minister of Health) and Magda Protz (Chancellor of Bavaria) presenting,

Krinzer: Good Evening Folks, I hope that all of you are well and healthy. We have some important and major news to share tonight. First off, I want to begin by saying that we have currently a total of 27,854 active cases in Bavaria as of today. With 294 new cases reported today, however this is an overall decrease of 4.7% since last week. Additionally a total of 12.7% of Bavaria has now received their first dose.

Krinzer: Now, the most important news of the evening, Bavaria's own Pharmaceutical company Scherman Co. has released today alongside its OPHS certification that it will be able to manufacture a total of 28 Million doses by August of this year. The company will be manufacturing the majority of its vaccines in its headquarters in Ingolstadt.

Krinzer: In the company's clinical trial it proved with an efficacy rate of 71.8%, and does not have major side effects for those who received the vaccine. A total of 4,800 people participated in the clinical trial in February of this year and still have not reported any health/life changes or conditions. The official name of the vaccine is "Scherman-OPHS-284 Covid-19 Vaccine" which will begin to be administrated on May 12th by the OPHS in hospitals and clinics throughout Bavaria. I will now hand it off to Magda to make the rest of today's announcements.

Protz: Hi Everybody. I know its been a long journey, and we couldn't be happier to have a vaccine of our own that will get our lives back to normal much quicker. However, until then we must stay vigilant and must proceed with caution. Therefore I will be extending the stay at home order until June 8th, additionally will be introducing a curfew for all citizens from 4:30am-9:30pm, Healthcare workers and other front line workers will be exempt from this curfew, as-well as any emergency trips out of anybody's homes. In the following days our team will announce more changes to the rollout plan for vaccines.

Protz: Thank you everybody, and we hope you have a goodnight.

(Transcript End)
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