2021/2022 Federal Budget Release

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2021/2022 Federal Budget Release

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April 23rd 2021
A Message from The Government of Bavaria: Christa Merkelwurtz-Apeck (Minister of Finance) and Magda Protz (Chancellor of Bavaria) presenting,

(Document Translated to English)

Protz: "Good Morning Bavaria, it is with alot of hard-work and some sleepless nights, that the I am ready to present to you the budget for our next year. Alongside me today is Christa Merkelwurtz-Apeck our Minister of Finance. Once we present the budget to you today, she will be able to answer any questions that you have. "

Protz: "I want to make a few points before we introduce the budget. Firstly, we had to make some major changes to the allocation of some portions of the budget, that being said we wanted to focus on what Bavarian's needs right now. As we all continue to fight the variants of COVID-19 it is vital that we do our best to keep our healthcare system afloat. Which is why we have prioritized it over other certain aspects that have not been as pressing because of the pandemic. I do want to state as-well that this budget is for today, the next month and for the recovery of our people. I want to emphasize it is not the new norm, and the next budget will not look similar to this one, but it is what is necessary to get Bavaria back on track."

Merkelwurtz-Apeck: "Hi everybody, hope you all are doing the best that you can during this rough and uncertain time. So to get to the reason I am here today, our budget for the next year."

Merkelwurtz-Apeck: So as you can see already, there are some major changes to the budget, however I promise you these were all incredibly necessary to help our front line workers: doctors, nurses and essential workers be able to do their job. So to get onto the major changes first off we have increased spending to the OPHS by 5.4% percent, reason being is that we desperately need more staff and equipment, and space to deal with this virus. Therefore we have reduced spending in the following areas: BP7 (-0.3%), Provincial Level (-2.2%), Public Transit (-1.0%), and the National Police Force (3.4%)

Merkelwurtz-Apeck: So some of the changes with Public Transit is that we have stopped expansion and renewal for this year to be able to allocate that budget elsewhere, so that the economy can recover faster. Additionally, The big change in police budget is that we have re-allocated staff from the police force to be able to receive better training to deal with situations that regard mental health, such as: Suicide Attempts, Mass Violence Attempts and the list continues. Around 1,800 staff members will be receiving new training about 5-7 months in length, these new positions are there to better serve and protect Bavaria. Additionally, The provincial budget has also taken a big hit this year, because of the re-allocation of Provincial Clinics to be delt with by the OPHS Federally. We hope these changes can better help Bavarian's to re-cover better, and faster from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Protz: Thank you Christa, for your help today, and the insight you gave into this budget. I know that this budget is a major change, and I know its hard to understand but it will make us stronger in the long term. It will stop the spread of COVID-19 faster, and that is our first priority at this moment. That being said I wish you all a wonderful day, and hope to speak to all of you again soon.

(Transcript End)
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